Questions & Answers

Order status?

You can check where your order is in the chain by using the order status in the menu.

I have received the wrong product

If you have received the wrong product, please email us with a picture of what you have received, preferably in unopened vacuum packaging. Do not forget to indicate the order number.

Do you ship with REK freight?

We don’t send recs for security reasons. Only via regular mail.

Can I pay extra for more stealth?

We maintain a high level of stealth on all our packages, therefore we do not have such a service.

I experience long delivery time

We always send all packages as fast as we can but sometimes our muppets are overloaded with work when there are a lot of orders. This and the every other day distribution means that it can take an extra day sometimes.

I have paid to the wrong address

It is important that you pay to the correct address otherwise the system will not detect that you have paid on your order.

If you have paid to the wrong address, please email us the address you have paid to and the order number. Your delivery time will take longer than usual due to this. That’s why it’s important to always pay to the right address.

I have only received part of the order

As we have a lot of products, not everything is posted from the same place and therefore your order may be split up depending on what you order. If you only received part of the order, the rest will probably come in another package.